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Telecom Workshop Training Phase 1

Ben Aier

Billing Analyst

Training – Observations


Lilyan Gonzalez

Billing Analyst

Training – Observations


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Phase I: Telephone Workshop Training: Fixed Landline Service (Wired)Telephone Bill Auditing

Course Description:

Telecom Workshop Training provides security and protection procedures such as bench marking and telecom policy management skills can minimize risk and insulate your company from external interruptions, or malicious intent.

First, learn to organize and consolidate telephone bills from various service providers. Then learn service provider and carrier tariffs, and USOCs

Next, learn to create telephone bill inventory to track all business locations telephone service address, phone number, service type, features, and contract information. Auditel software templates make reporting simple and easy to maintain.

Telephone service provider Customer Records (CSR) review and analysis

Business location site evaluation analysis compared with telephone invoices and contract information

So, learning the right questions to ask, who to ask, and where to find the answers brings savings!

Telephone bill order process and provisioning skills for wired line, fixed line, landlines.

Are you certain that you are paying the correct amount for each telephone bill you receive?

Learn about telephone service tariff, fixed, landline, wired services, service order processing and provisioning. Learn number portability, telephone billing mistakes, how to locate fees inside of other invoices, double billings,calculate long distance usages and fees and so much more with Auditel workshop training.

Auditel telephone training workshop teaches the student how to look at the telephone bill from another angle from the inside. The student learns through the working training the telephone bill auditing process with actual bills. They learn skills and procedures to analyze the telephone services, all other charges on the invoice, including features, fees, usages, surcharges and taxes. Each student is taught a technique that works for them in learning to read and analyze tariff. Since it’s important to conduct a telephone bill audit to comprehend the services you are paying for and know how to ask for telephone bill recovery. So, students learn the questions to ask, and where to find the answers for recovery on all types of billing errors inside telephone bills.

What can I do about it?

Give your staff the telephone bill auditing knowledge, and confidence needed to work with the telephone service providers, to correct and improve your telephone bill service charges, fees, and usages and gain largest savings and recovery. So, trained students can make a dramatic change in your business telephone budget. Moreover, your Accounts Payable department is inadvertently paying telephone bill fees, and unknown charges due to incorrect invoices. Certainly learn how to obtain telephone bill recovery.

Auditel telecom workshop training in depth telephone bill audit training helps the student increase their knowledge and gain confidence as they conduct their own telephone bill audits and file disputes for recovery. Because this is not seminar training, we are constantly reminded by students that we should tell others how simple the course helps learn telephone tariff without memorization. Students are taught a telecom auditing process that has proven to be very successful for over 27 years.

After the telephone training workshop, students will be able to dissect a telephone bill from the inside out and capture largest savings and recovery on service items they may have never looked into before. After training, they can come up with questions that only a trained professional would encounter. Telephone auditing students who learn order processing skills, can monitor invoices, document and track for future use and management. Improve your bill payment processing to a level where checks and balances can be maintained monthly, and managed more efficiently. Moreover, this telephone training workshop produces the telecom professionals that global companies want to hire. Similarly, our telecom students succeed, and they bring largest savings and recovery as proof of their success. Most of our students become telecom managers instead of just working in the telecom department after Auditel workshop training.

Results after Phase I workshop training: