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$90 Million T-Mobile Wireless Refund for Cramming

T-mobile wireless refund $90 Million

Refunds for customers crammed by T-Mobile website article

Some current and former T-Mobile customers are about to get their money back.

As part of a $90 million dollar proposed settlement, T-Mobile is refunding customers who were unfairly billed third-party charges by the company.

According to the FTC, T-Mobile charged customers not only for regular phone services, and in addition they also billed for content provided by other companies. Furthermore, some charges from other companies were sneaked on to customer’s monthly bills.  These charges for monthly subscriptions like ringtones, wallpaper, horoscope texts, flirting tips, and celebrity gossip that consumers never knew about, or agreed to pay for.

T-Mobile Refund for Cramming

T-Mobile has been contacting all of its current and former crammed customers. TMobile is informing them about the wireless refund program and claims process. However, customers can get more information about T-Mobile’s refund program at www.t-mobilerefund.com.

In summary, one way to reduce paying for phone billing errors is to learn more about them.  Read your mobile phone bill each month – line by line, and page by page. It’s always good to know the services and fees within your bills. This wireless bill review can save you lots of money. In fact, if you suspect you’ve been crammed, contact your phone carrier about the charges, and file a complaint online with the FTC.

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