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Telecom Survival Guide News

If your business still gets its phone service through the old “Ma Bell” local phone company then you may not be aware that other companies can apply fees and additional charges on your phone bill.  Telecom survival guide news gives insight into fees inside your phone bill.  This article is from 2008.  It’s dusty but still has some good points about telephone bills, and telecom alerts.

Are you familiar with third party billing?  This is not a service from the local service provider but a pass through from another company. 411 or directory information, along with voicemail services, collect calls.  Many third party companies are not legitimate and charge fees for services that were not provided or authorized.  These unauthorized fees are called cramming. In summary, there have been many lawsuits regarding cramming and it is something worth looking for in your telephone bills.

There are many FCC legal settlements occuring each year for Service Provider unlawful and misleading practices. Do you notice them? If not, visit Auditel telecom news for up to date lawsuits, cases, settlements as we follow them to ultimate telecom refunds.

Take the Auditel Challenge and let us deliver findings and savings for your corporation all contingency based. The Telecom Survival Guide News is an old article but worth the time to read.