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FCC Settlement T-Mobile Reaches $48 Million

The Wallstreet Journal published an article by Thomas Gryta posted October 19, 2016 . The article was about the FCC Settlement T-Mobile unlimited data plan. It stated that the FCC Settlement T-Mobile Reaches $48 Million Over Unlimited Plans.

The FCC said the carrier applied slower data speeds. Throttled customer traffic once certain usage threshold were hit. Without telling its customers.

“Company advertisements and other disclosures may have led unlimited data plan customers to expect that they were buying better and faster service than what they received,” the agency said in a statement.

FCC Settlement TMobile to pay $7.5M plus $35.5M in benefits

Under the FCC settlement T-Mobile will pay $7.5 million in cash along with $35.5 million in “consumer benefits”. These benefits will be in the form of discounts and additional data. The benefits will be paid to unlimited customers of both T-Mobile and its prepaid brand MetroPCS. The company also agreed to provide at least $5 million in services and equipment to schools.

The Twitter account of T-Mobile CEO John Legere called the consent decree a “good settlement with FCC” and that the carrier “believes more info is best for customers.”

Other News on FCC Settlements

Last year the FCC sought to fine AT&T $100 million in a similar case, but the company is contesting the proposed penalty.

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