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Telecom Billing Errors

Telecom billing errors happen just like mistakes and accidents. But, since we all need phones to communicate, why pay for phone or wireless billing mistakes and overcharges? Without technology, we would all be wondering what is going on in the world. Especially now as we all face the COVID-19 pandemic that has literally affected each of us. Technology has kept everyone updated even those people working from home environments. Communications are ever changing and if you are here searching for ways to locate telecom billing errors, then you are ahead of most.

Auditel brings Technology Tips on telecommunication billing errors to help guide your company through tech billing mistakes as you are starting wireless or telecom bill review. Since wireless services can literally be changed at any time during the month whether you are under contract or not. We can make a difference in your upcoming invoice by placing wireless service orders that will be retroactive to first of the month bill cycle. But we must work fast prior to the next billing cycle. So, we can help you today itself to avoid higher fees than normal. We only charge a portion of the savings we deliver as our fee. So, there is no risk when working with Auditel. From questions you have on telecom invoices, to telecom contracts that are up for renewal we can help and provide support.

Finding Telecom Billing Errors for Your Company

This post is a guide to help you learn how to find telecom billing errors and give you money saving telecom tips.

What is a telecom billing error? Let me start with what a telecommunications billing error is not. It’s not a service, feature, or discount you discovered. A billing error is not a telecom service charge, line, legacy equipment, or telecom usage that is overlooked. A true telecom billing error is a mistake made by the service provider or phone company. It is not a mistake made by the customer. Controlling and managing telecom expense is your company’s responsibility. So, finding a telecom service that you don’t need anymore doesn’t label the finding a telecom billing error. Read more on telecom billing error misconceptions and truths.

Finding a wireless plan that has extra usage that exceeded the plan amount is not a billing error. It is a customer overlooked wireless finding that will bring savings if order to correct the usage is placed properly.

Identifying a wireless plan that is too large for your monthly usage is also not a billing error, but a savings opportunity to modify the plan and reduce your telecom invoice.

Some Items to Find Monthly Savings

Look for wireless plan usage allowances either extra data or voice usage over the plan allowance, or possibly your wireless plan is too large for your current usage levels.In addition, land lines not in use, data lines no longer used. However, even fax lines, credit card lines or elevator lines that are not needed are not telecommunication billing errors. Question your location if this line was ever cancelled? Ask questions and find out. Locate everything you can find about this line and details. So, is if you locate a line not in use, before cancelling it, first find out if anyone in the office placed a prior disconnect, and if possible locate their earlier request. This could lead to a telecom refund.

Errors Can Bring Telecom Refunds

Regulatory lines are not the only place to discover phone or wireless billing errors that could lead to telecom refunds. However, searching deeper into all the various services and their fees, surcharges and usages can make a big difference in your monthly service charges. Do you have a telecom manager who has the time to research wireless, data, network of other telecom services? Locating fees and legacy services that do not belong to your company, double billings, and various usages that may not belong to your business. Although, there are many service providers facing settlements find them on telecom news.

Proven Process Makes the Difference

It’s difficult to find telecom mistakes and billing errors without a telecom process. Moreover, it won’t help to know telecom billing errors exist if you can’t figure out how to locate them in your telephone, wireless and all telecom billing accounts. Since, knowing some of the telecom billing errors that exist won’t really help without telecom inventory and a proven telecom bill auditing process. So, we provide telecom training with our telecom auditing services.

We hold the Service Providers accountable for errors, tariff violations and contract mistakes. We work on your behalf – not theirs! Don’t trust your Service Providers or Sales Reps until you have taken the Auditel Challenge! Claim your Telecom refunds today!

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