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Telecom One Day Training – Telecom Bill Review

Can Auditel telecom bill review workshop training give savings using my local telephone bills? I want to know what makes up the monthly service charges? Are the monthly phone telephone bill surcharges calculated accurately?

This Telecom Bill Review course is for you if you have a small amount of local telephone bills. Your company’s local phone bills are audited to identify monthly recurring charges, non- recurring charges, usages, taxes, regulatory fees, and surcharges. Students learn to analyze local telephone monthly service charges, fees, taxes, and surcharges working with the customer service records (CSR) from the service providers.

Your business local telephone bills are analyzed in the Telecom Bill Review workshop to identify any chance of recovery or monthly savings. Auditel educates the students on the telecom charges that make up the monthly service fee. Students learn to audit telephone bills with basic contract, and customer service records. Students analyze the phone billing records and compare their findings with the telephone bill monthly recurring fees and features found in their local telephone bills. Students learn how to audit and complete a local telephone bill analysis during the one-day telecom bill auditing workshop by understanding the customer service records and monthly recurring charges applied to their local telephone bill monthly along with tariffs. Two to three local telephone bills are chosen by Auditel. Using Auditel telephone bill review workshop process, the Auditel team will support the students as they work to analyze and audit their bills in the workshop. Students learn the types of usages, located on the top of the telephone bill and how to locate service provider usages and usage based charges billed by other companies. The training workshops have been successful and deliver highest recovery and savings. Telecom Bill Review training increases basic auditing skills and helps students find overcharges and billing errors located within their local telephone bills. Each student is a proven success after locating and working to gain highest recovery and savings. Student must take Telecom Basic workshop to learn about telecom terms and services to attend this course.