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Telecom Billing Error Misconceptions

Some telecom billing error misconceptions and truths come from knowing what a billing error really is and how to obtain a telecom refund. Let me start with what a telecommunications billing error is not. A billing error is not from discovering a service, feature, or discount that was new to your company. A billing error is not a telecom service charge, legacy service, legacy equipment, or telecom usage that’s been overlooked. A real telecom billing error is a mistake made by the service provider. It is not a mistake made by the customer. Controlling business telecom expense is the customer’s responsibility. So, finding a telecom service that you don’t need anymore doesn’t label the finding a telecom billing error.


Telecom billing errors may be mistakes made by the Service Provider. These errors bring telecom refunds.

Misconception: Finding an unused line is a telecom billing error.

Truth: An unused phone or wireless line or mobile asset is not necessarily a telecom billing error. However, we need to find out if the customer previously requested the Service Provider to disconnected and if not, have it disconnected and request telecom refunds.

Truth: A billing error is a money savings item!

Money Saving Telecom Tips

Telecom Refund Tip: An order that is placed, but wasn’t completely processed by the Service Provider could be cause for telecom refunds. Locating the service order request is one of the first items you need to accomplish. Next, we need to find out more about the service order in order to get refunds. It is very unfair when this occurs and we feel for the client every time. But, not following up on telecom orders is something that happens often enough for us to write this page.

More Money Saving Telecom Tips

Keeping detailed telecom records is a big step toward getting money savings and possible refunds Auditel telecom expense management workshop teaches telecom organization skills that include recordkeeping. So, documenting everything is a key procedure we use in all of our work. Documenting orders, keeping records of all service adds, moves, and changes, and more. Keeping tract of all contract dates, and expirations for all telecom services is helpful.

Additional Money Saving Telecom Tips

More money saving refunds are obtained when accurate recordkeeping is a priority. Don’t consider just sending an email to work as a valid line cancellation. Make sure you always get a reply from the service provider acknowledging the request accepting and placing your order. Always follow up, document the order number. A good rule of thumb, if the error brings a money saving telecom refund then it is in fact, a telecom billing error.

Misconception: Finding a wireless account with extra usage above the voice or data plan allotment (allowance) is a telecom billing error.

Truth: This is an oversight by the customer not a mistake by the Service Provider. Therefore, this is not a telecom billing error. Finding this usage is a good way to reduce the monthly usage if you place the order to modify the existing plan properly.

What is a Telecom Billing Error?

A telecom billing error doesn’t come from overlooked billings, or excess usages. The billing errors can come from service provider billing mistakes. Errors may come from services that continued to bill even after you requested disconnection. Checking service order completion is very important. In addition, errors may come from double billings, where two service providers bill for the same telecom services. These telecommunication bill errors can also come from fees, taxes or surcharges. Certainly, lines from closed locations could be investigated although this is a money saving finding, it doesn’t justify the name “billing error”.

Certainly, telecommunication billing errors can come from non-compliances within telecom contracts. However, errors can come from Service Level Agreements where service outages have frequently occurred. So, billing mistakes and overcharges may be  inside your phone bills. But, knowing the billing errors exist doesn’t help you locate them easily. There are so many types of telecom bill reductions other that can far outweigh changing telecom service providers.

The Facts on Locating Billing Errors

Finding facts telecom billing errors takes time, telecom knowledge, and determination. Moreover, Auditel has been discovering billing errors, mistakes, tariff violations, telecom contract non-compliances and tax errors for over 27 years. Many business telecom invoices contain legacy charges for outdated equipment and services. However, not to mention the extra fees within telecom invoices, wireless invoices, VOIP, network and all telecom related services.

More Facts on Locating Billing Errors

In almost every invoice we uncover telecom savings and many lead to substantial money saving telecom refunds. However, most people think that locating unused phone or wireless lines to disconnect is the best bill reduction. However, some people concentrate on old legacy billed equipment they no longer use. Auditel look so much deeper into telecom invoices, and you should as well. There are many lawsuits and settlements occuring each day and we track them in Telecom News.

So, take the Auditel challenge, your business will be glad that you did. Moreover, we have no interest in changing your service provider or selling you any equipment or services. The Auditel challenge will help you find out if technology has left money saving telecom refunds inside your paid phone, wireless, or data bills. In summary, we analyze voice, data, MPLS, wireless, and more to find refunds in the invoices. Your team may never discover these refunds without our help. Call us today at 800-473-5655. Technology consulting is available for special technology projects.