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$158 Million Refund Settlement from Sprint Wireless and Verizon Wireless Did you file your claim for wireless refunds?

Wireless Settlement Sprint Verizon Wireless

In this case Sprint Wireless, the settlement for customers was that Sprint agreed to settle allegations regarding Sprint Wireless bills.  These customers had Sprint wireless bills containing charges for unauthorized third-party services. We call that Cramming.

As a result, the third party charged fees from Sprint should be refunded in the Summer of 2016. Customers can check the website in the above link for updates.

Accordingly, Verizon Wireless third party billing settlement was in connection with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Federal Communications Commission, and State Attorneys General.

In fact, under the Verizon refund program, eligible customers may receive a refund from Verizon Wireless. These refunds for unauthorized and previously un-refunded third-party Premium SMS charges incurred.

Wireless Settlement

In summary, Settlement Sprint Verizon Wireless both extended filing through December 31, 2015
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