Auditel telecom expense management services


Wireless Expense Management aka Enterprise Mobility Management

What is wireless expense management? Wireless expense management aka Enterprise Mobility Management with Auditel is a solution for business giving management and control of all your wireless expense, mobile devices, laptops, and tablets. Our enterprise mobility management solutions bring corporate telecom savings and telecom refunds on gain/share basis. With wireless inventory your business has control plus Auditel brings refunds and added savings. With gain share fees, business only pay a fraction of the realized results. Call now to take the Auditel Challenge 800-473-5655.

Do you know what is inside your wireless expenses? VOIP bills, and contracts? Business need telecom expense management – the Service Providers are not responsible for your bill expense management. Find out if you have wireless billing mistakes inside your invoices.

Auditel is an auditing telecommunication company in business over 27 years providing corporate expense reduction management. Whether you want a one time look into your corporate telecom bills, a TEM checkkup, or monthly enterprise mobility management, or specific contract negotiation services we can help you. Take the Auditel Challenge – Show Us Your Bill and we will Show You SAVINGS & if REFUNDS exist!

Take the AUDITEL CHALLENGE today and realize refunds and savings by next quarter!

We hold the Phone Company Service Providers accountable for errors, tariff violations and contract mistakes. We audit on your behalf – not theirs! Don’t trust your Service Providers or Sales Reps until you have taken the Auditel Challenge! Claim your REFUNDs today!

Do you have an up to date wireless inventory? Let us check your inventory against the Service Provider invoices and give you reports on the actual services you are paying for. The difference will astound you.

Not only do we love to manage your VOIP, wireless, 5G, data, and voice services, contracts and invoices, we love to find your business monthly savings without change of service provider! We care about your business telecom expense … Do you?

We help your business control technology expenses: internet, VOIP, fixed lines, circuits, data, IoT, network, network systems, wireless, mobile assets, data cards, telecom expense management.

Gain control of your wireless management expenses today. Just look into the Auditel challenge and find out what is inside your telecom expense. Additionally, for 27 years we’ve delivered telecom audit findings that led to telecom refunds at $125M to date with no telecom software purchase. Visit Auditel Telecom News for more on telecom settlements and lawsuits including telecom refunds. Auditel case studies are full of real life examples from our customers.