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FCC Reaches $550,000 Cramming Settlement CenturyLink

Did you hear about the FCC Reaches $550,000 Cramming Settlement with CenturyLink? This occurred in 8/13/2019. Perhaps the FCC announcement on 8/19/19 got more attention. The FCC report detailed the cause and impact of a nationwide CenturyLink network outage. This outage occurred last December and lasted over 37 hours. FCC included recommendations to help prevent similar outages from occurring in the future. It was a strong report criticizing CenturyLink for causing a service outage that affected over 22 million customers in over 39 states. This outage also caused about 17 million customers across 29 states unreliable access to 911 service. It was caused by four malformed packet that crippled and brought down the network.

FCC Investigates CenturyLink

According to Will Wiquist of the FCC “Over the years, the FCC has done yeoman’s work in fighting cramming and getting major phone companies to stop this practice,” said Rosemary Harold, Chief of the Enforcement Bureau. “With today’s action, another major phone company will stop cramming and prevent unscrupulous third parties from adding fees to bills without prior express consent.” CenturyLink had to agree to cease billing for third parties with a few exceptions. CenturyLink will also allow third part charge blocking.

More on FCC Cramming Settlements with CenturyLink

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