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Auditel's telecom expense management services


Auditel Video

Auditel video is a look at what clients say about Auditel. Auditel provides caring, customer service and support. Our team gives quality time and attention to all the telecom billing and service details before, during and after our telecom audits. We are so very thankful to have  our wonderful clients. We appreciate them sharing their client interviews and customer service details with us through telecom video. This page includes student interviews,as well as telecom training, telecom audit, recovery and customer service information.

These Auditel telecom videos allow telecom training students to share their journeys throughout the telecom training workshops. Our clients talk about the customer services they received during their telecom audit. At Auditel we value our clients and we want them to know we care. Customer service is key in any business and word of mouth advertising has brought Auditel many valued clients over the years.

The client interviews and telecom training students included in the telecom videos discuss our telecom process, how they felt about the historical refunds and savings obtained. Clients also discuss how we conduct our telecom audits including the background and history of their work with Auditel. Each client interview tells their story about the customer service they received from Auditel. They tell about how they discovered Auditel and the services we delivered to their business. Customer satisfaction is key to our business!

  • Training – How it Helped
    Training – How it Helped
  • How Training Affected Thought Process
    How Training Affected Thought Process
  • Training – What I’ve Learned
    Training – What I’ve Learned
  • How I Ranked Auditel Training
    How I Ranked Auditel Training
  • Training – Procedures
    Training – Procedures
  • Training – Observations
    Training – Observations
  • Training – Observations 2
    Training – Observations 2
  • Training – What’s Provided?
    Training – What’s Provided?
  • Training – Disaster Recovery?
    Training – Disaster Recovery?
  • Training – Who Can Learn?
    Training – Who Can Learn?
  • What I Liked Best About Training?
    What I Liked Best About Training?