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Telecom Expense Management (TEM)
Auditel's telecom expense management services have given some of the world's largest global telecom users centralized telecom invoices, validated phone inventory, and greater telecom expense reduction. We are efficient, and deliver fast telecom reduction using very little client resources. Our multi-dimensional process is streamlined for efficient cost reduction that yields the fastest results and greatest telecom expense recovery on the market. Auditel brings relief to the telecom budget with unexpected recapture of telecom expenses paid historically. Many claim to bring maximum telecom savings, but our multi-dimensional proven process is the most effective way, with greater accuracy, more options, solid results from 23 years of telecom analysis experience. Auditel has the best analytic research. No need to buy unnecessary telecom expense management software, we provide data reports with telecom inventory and telecom analysis you can manipulate on your own time using your own software. Our Telecom Analytic Team works through the forensic details internally, with bolt-on deeper telecom analysis, more efficient steps to bring maximum results and delivery of historical recovery. We've seen other telecom expense management (TEM) company deliverables, and you can rest assured you've come to the right place. Auditel has over 23 years of superior customer service and efficiency.† We can say respectfully that Auditel does deliver more.† Just ask our clients, or visit client interviews and watch a video.

Our Telecom Expense Management expertise and phone bill auditing services give added security to our clients' IT and Telecom Departments, and provide them with the updated wireless policy, mobile benchmarking needed in today's environment. Auditel phone bill audits provide optimized invoices (lowering telecom budget) and give all the telecom inventory services they need for optimal performance and maximum savings. Our telecom analysis with "drill down" and "bolt on" technology provide multi-dimensional methodology. Auditel telecom bill audit methods uncover mistakes, optimize telecom services, and capture unused phone services. We remove fees overcharged in telecom, internet, Voice, Data, and Wireless services. We review and perform telecom analysis on all Domestic and International phone bill rates, mobile plans, fees, usages, features, taxes, regulatory fees, surcharges, and service charges. We deliver cost reduction and invoice recapture. Auditel fee is only a percentage of the realized savings. No hype, no sales, just real telecommunication savings and telecom recovery.

Telecom surcharges have risen over 20% in most phone and mobile invoices. Stay updated monthly with the latest wireless updates, latest technological information on telecommunication contracts to realize savings. Auditel telecom expense management delivers maximum results, with many clients reducing their total telecom spend average of 36%, by providing telecom inventory management, bill processing, bill optimization, billing analysis, contract compliance, and telecom reports. Our monthly telecom cost reductions are started right away, completed fast, giving your team efficient savings and recovery. Other TEM Services include data and cloud management, wireless expense management (WEM), and telecom consulting. Why pay for monthly TEM or WEM service fees from other telecom expense companies (TEM), when Auditel can provide telecom expense management and mobile expense reduction at a fraction of the cost. Our contingency fee is based on a percentage of the actual telecom invoice savings realized, and all with no set monthly fee. Auditel fee is a small portion of the actual telecom invoice savings we deliver monthly. Auditel will monitor your telecom and wireless invoices monthly to ensure the cost savings is accurate, but our fees are only based on the savings results.

Telecom Audit
A phone bill audit is the only serious way to validate your telecom inventory. Do you have a list of all phone lines and mobile services? Chances are it's out of date, new locations, with some old services still billing. Trust our telecom analysts to recovery and recapture historical telecom revenue, deliver a valid telecom researched inventory along with realized monthly telecom savings. Our phone bill audit produces savings from Voice, Data, internet, and Wireless telecom services. These savings are found in tariff, service delivery, non-compliances, tax research on Local, City, County, State, and Federal taxes. Regulatory fees, and surcharges including 911 fees, Federal Excise Tax, Local Number Portability (LNP) Charge, Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) Charge, and Federal Universal Service Fund (USF).

Telecom Auditing- Recovery and Refunds
Telecommunication recovery and refunds are found in Voice, Data, and Wireless bills with our telecom audit and expense analysis. Recovery on historical billing mistakes can be found in contract non compliances, tariff violations, rate plans, or in order processing when service is established. We include surcharge and tax analysis for optimum savings. Be aware telecom and wireless contracts are changing!

Wireless Expense Management
Auditel provides forensic detailed wireless expense management and wireless invoice optimization to control telecommunication costs on all mobile expense and data services monthly. We help centralize wireless billing and mobile services and deliver maximum mobile phone recovery and savings within wireless bills. Wireless services include mobile optimization, wireless contract compliance, bill consolidation, centralized mobile consolidation, Auditel constantly locates discounts and options to maximize wireless savings. Mobile phone analysis reduces wireless phone, smartphone, and data card rate plans. Wireless expense reductions in mobile usages like SMS and MMS text messaging, voice, mobile data plans, mobile data features, phone roaming usage, mobile airtime usages, pooling plans, International plans, surcharge, and tax.

TEM Telecom Expense Management Process Training
Auditel telecommunication trainings and educational workshops are available on the GSA Schedule for the U.S. Federal Government include detailed Voice, Data, and Wireless Workshops. Our telecommunication expense management techniques will challenge the most advanced telecom professionals. Auditel holds two GSA Schedules. Auditel delivers extensive telecommunication tariff knowledge and actual bill auditing.


Auditel Telecommunications Services

Auditel specializes in providing comprehensive telecom expense management services. Over the last twenty two years we have saved over $118 Million for our clients. Auditel's telecom expense management goes far beyond software based telecom audits. Our telecom audit and expense management methodologies surpass the pure rule based OCR software. Our process is a combination of software productivity tools and high level manual analytics. Our telecom bill analysis are known worldwide for delivering the maximum telecom savings and telecom recovery. We analyze the bill from the inside out and get to know every line item giving you so many options for savings, refunds and recoveries. Our methodology has proven successful over the years to achieve 15-20% higher savings when compared with other telecom audit companies in the market.

Auditel process has been requested by some of the largest U.S. Corporate Enterprise, and Federal and State Government Agencies in the World. We've been told that our services for telecom auditing are far superior to any TEM or WEM solution. We don't charge any upfront fees. Auditel fees are based on a percentage of savings once your savings are realized. We provide detailed telecom analytics with our software tools but no software purchase is required, no software to maintain and manage monthly. With Auditel you get efficient unequalled telecom reporting.

Telecom Expense Management Services:

1. Telecom Project Audit - Success Fee / Contingency based. We only invoice your company a small percentage of the amount saved as our fee. Our telecom audits come with telecom inventory and give your team all the information necessary to capture services and usages. Auditel identifies mistakes, files the disputes, and you see the recovery and savings. We deliver recommendations that reduce monthly service charges for Voice, Data, and Wireless including taxes, and surcharges that are usually missed in earlier audits. We review your contracts and service agreements for compliances, rate analysis, usage fees, SLAs, and MARCs. Items overlooked, duplicate services, closed locations, and features not used are only a few of the items included in our research. Our Telecom Analysts work with SaaS (Software as a Service) based processes and also follow applicable Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliances. Auditel delivers telecom recovery quickly and files the disputes with the Service Provider(s) with very little participation from your Organization. Once the telecom analysis is complete for any type service (circuits, phone lines, data, or wireless) then recommendations for monthly savings are provided.  With your first approval the monthly bill reductions and cost savings will begin. We work together with your team to deliver the maximum savings with no interference or In most of the cases clients realize their savings before they pay us.

2. Telecom Audit Refunds and Savings - We use our expertise to correct each and every invoice where mistakes have been made. We identify overpayments and recover credits and refunds from service providers where oversights and billing errors have occurred. Our TEM bill audit report is provided to outline each item applicable for telecom refunds and recovery. Once we identify refunds we file disputes to correct the rates, and any tariff violations, duplicate payments, pricing errors, erroneous payments (invoices paid to incorrect vendor), overlooked rebates or discounts, unclaimed recovery of refunds, overpayment of taxes, and other surcharges. We are not paid until the items are corrected, and refunds are obtained.

3. Monthly Telecom Expense Management (TEM) - Detailed review and analysis of your telecom bills every month providing savings, refunds, and recoveries which reflect on your bottom line right away and continue monthly. With this service we provide a written guarantee on minimum savings. We encourage companies to centralize their telecom billing structure, agreements, and services. We deliver monthly telecom expense management services to automate their telecom reporting systems. In comparison of telecom costs, companies with decentralized telecom billing, versus those with centralized telecom billing realize added bill reductions. Combining telecom service agreement contracts Locally, Regionally, and/or Globally helps to consolidate bills and decrease AP costs, and late fees. Corporate Telecom spending is expected to grow by 5% per a Gartner report. According to a recent report from Aberdeen "Enterprises seek clarity on how to balance the financial and technical needs of the organization to optimize employee productivity," said Hyoun Park, research analyst, Aberdeen. "By showing how companies have successfully controlled sourcing, management, and support for emerging technologies ranging from unified communications to mobility and cloud services, this research provides a future-facing model for lifecycle management that takes modern enterprise communications technologies into account."

4. Telecom Order Processing - We work as an extension of your telecom department giving them support on managing your telecom services. We can place orders on your behalf and carry out all activities including (MACs) moves, adds, and changes. This releases your valuable resources saving them time to concentrate on their core activities.

5. Telecom Reporting Services - We provide detailed analytical reports for senior management and process owners. These telecom reports are generated on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis including validation of telecom bills, authorizing bills for payment, providing accrual reports, traffic analysis, usage patterns, cellular bill plan changes, data circuit analysis, frame relay, and internet broadband usages and utilization analysis. These detailed reports have saved our clients millions.

6. TEM Training - Telecom Expense Management Process Training - Auditel trainings are primarily for our U.S. Federal Government.   

Auditel provides detailed analysis of Cellular, internet, long distance, local, and data circuits, Our telecom audits produce savings above 25%. Auditel telecom bill expense reduction requires NO carrier or provider changes. Our telecommunication expense management services include:

  • Telecom inventory, site analysis, and assessment of:
            -Cell phone and Wireless Data Cards
            -Data Network
            -Internet Network
            -PRI (Primary Rate ISDN)
            -Long Distance
            -Local Carrier Lines
            -T1, DS1, DS3, Sonet, OP3 circuits
  • Invoice Consolidation to include: telephone, circuits, data, wireless, internet, conference, and     miscellaneous
  • Traffic studies, Circuit reports, Line Analysis, and various Telecom Management Reports
  • Determine line usage - under provisioning or over provisioned lines, circuits, and networks
  • CABS auditing (Carrier Access Billing Systems)
  • CDR analysis (Call Detail Records)
  • CSR review and analysis (Customer Service Records)
  • Telecom cost management analysis and reporting
  • RFP, RFQ, RFI for telecom contract management and negotiation
  • Detailed analysis and reports on Data, and Internet Networks
  • Since 1990 Auditel telecom bill cost reductions have exceeded the savings obtained from audits based solely on contract negotiation. In addition our telecom expense management procedures surpass those of telecom bill auditing software in telecom and phone bill management, as well as tariff disputes. Auditel's telecommunication audits uncover overcharges appearing in over 90% of your telecommunications invoices, plus recovery on tariff violations. Our telecom services can be individually tailored to meet the needs of any business. Auditel focuses on telecommunication bill expense management and recovery providing the best telecom cost reduction strategies and solutions. Our telecommunications services are structured, using our proven and proprietary telecom analysis techniques. Technology has changed and bills aren't simple to analyze. Auditel will help you gain control and manage your telecommunication expenses.

    Consult Auditel before changing service providers or outsourcing telecom invoices - to ensure you have no refunds due.

    Telecom Procurement and Telecom Category Management Services

    Auditel provides strong emphasis on telecom category optimization, with deep IT Telecom Management Experience. Our clients receive strategic delivery and optimum savings through full telecom category management.

    Our Telecom Service experts are commended almost daily with nice comments: "I donít know how you do it! Youíve manage to do in a couple of months, what I couldnít in as many years!" IT Manager, Education.

    Telecom Procurement Capability 

    Has this economy left your Organization without a Telecom Manager? Are you left with inflated and overpriced telecom services due to mergers, acquisitions, or the loss of key telecom leadership or personnel? If you notice late fees, charges on your telecom billings you are unaware of, telecom early termination penalties, or unorganized telecom records, Auditel can bring practical services to your team without increasing your headcount. We work on telecom projects based on your service needs. Auditel delivers category experts with serious on the job experience and knowledge. Our results include organized inventory, reductions to complex rate plans, optimized services, and centralized billing through strategic planning. Your Organization needs and telecom policies are updated (or established) with benchmarks to reduce costs and keep up with market trends and improvements.

    Auditel works with leading global IT Departments and Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Service Providers, Fortune 100, 500, and 1000 to deliver internal procurement sourcing for all aspects of Telecom. We deliver services for specific telecom projects to Full Telecom Procurement Management.

    Benchmarks: Implement global strategies and ensure consistency to provide global bill management. We have the knowledge required to structure and improve your telecom category and benchmarking management. We have the a thorough understanding of telecom billing and pricing structures, leading solutions to improve billing management with the access to leading technology analyst research, market analysis, and global benchmarks.  

    Technology and Category Management Tools: Network infrastructure, telecom architecture and frameworks are analyzed and to assess current service requirements and compared with historical spend patterns to bring best in class telecom category management strategies.  

    Best Contract Advice and Legal Requirements: Accurately analyze SLA pricing terms and conditions. Review agreements and contracts for commercial terms. Auditel conducts a full review of your telecom to advise you on your legal obligations and contract terms and terminations. Align your service needs with your service agreements.

    Reduce your telecom spend through telecom category management of IT with optimization, Market Analysis, telecom rate and pooling plan optimization, along with billing analysis and telecom auditing.

    Auditel provides Strategic Procurement management to continuously improve the total cost on any telecom services in the telecom category management and I.T. (IT).  

    Market Analysis and Telecom Category Management

    Auditel can assess external market intelligence and telecom trends to identify telecom category management opportunities and risks.

    Develop annual category strategy to enable informed decision making policy for management Stakeholders.

    Develop accurate costs analysis to drive fact based telecom spend management plans and cost reduction strategies.

    Develop telecom policy, pricing terms, and conditions with suppliers that include performance and quality measurement levels, turn around lead times, for technological advances. Obtain the best in class telecom category services through telecom optimization and latest network innovations. Our solutions will provide enhanced control and visibility over all telecom voice, and data billing and procurement.†

    Accurately analyze pricing terms and conditions. Review contracts for commercial terms and review legal requirements.

    Work with Auditel as the central resource for telecom spend requirements. We have no alliances with Suppliers or Service Providers and will give optimum unbiased leadership for assigned categories.† Ensure sourcing strategies are fully aligned with business needs to include demand, cost of service, quality of service, with service delivery and telecom maintenance needs.

    Category Manager will develop and implement global strategies to ensure consistency.

    Auditel can provide subject matter telecom expertise and convert telecom market intelligence and telecom category insights into key negotiation strategies.

    Identify qualified suppliers, manage RFx process, RFI, RFQ, and help in developing RFP to support the bid analysis, and execute negotiations at the lowest total cost available.

    Through planning and proven process Auditel ensures smooth contract phase transition.

    Initiate projects with client and Service Provider to develop continuous and best total cost improvements.

    Review all locations to develop consolidated contracts to ensure the accurate optimization of telecom spend.

    Ensure contracts are maintained and managed to give optimum savings through adherence to contracts.

    Auditel can establish and maintain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to predict and minimize Service Provider performance issues.

    Auditel works with your Telecom Service Providers to give support interface and better performance. Auditel can identify root causes of telecom service issues through interacting with relevant team and Service Providers to ensure efficient and timely resolution.

    Identify and implement purchasing practices within telecom procurement to ensure services are optimized.

    Develop and maintain relationships with your Key IT Management, and Telecom Team to ensure Cost and Service Improvement opportunities are identified and acted on for fast results and TAT.


    Suit charges AT&T overcharges as much as 300% for iPhone data
    Isn't AT&T the one that overestimated data use on wired nets by 4,700%? Yes, it was.

    Read the entire article written by Kevin Fogarty May 20, 2010, on IT World, and watch the video on MSN. The lawsuit claims AT&T routinely overcharges for data usages for every single transaction and no undercharges, or credits were found.  One client cited that their charges were billed at night when they were asleep.  Hendricks said he hired an independent consulting firm to measure the overcharges, including testing one iPhone after turning off all push notifications, location services and all other apps or services that could be expected to check in to the network for regular updates.

    The consultants let the phone sit for ten days, turned on but not being used. AT&T allegedly billed for 2,292KB of data the phone is supposed to have used during that time.

    Fogarty continues "Charges per month added up to about $15 more than they should have been, the suit alleges. There are about 20 million iPhones and iPads connected to AT&T's network. If the charge on overcharging is true, that's $300 million in straight profit to AT&T. That doesn't sound like the kind of accuracy business or consumer customers would be happy to see in their net-access billing. It also doesn't sound like the kind of self-knowledge necessary for consumers, businesses or regulators to trust that AT&T is being honest and accurate in its imposition and policing of data caps. It's the kind of abuse you'd expect the FCC and FTC to get interested in and investigate aggressively as part of their mission to protect consumers against exploitation by companies with near-monopolies in their industries.

    So far, though, the FCC continues to sit on the sidelines."

    T-Mobile Apology for Billing Error and Overcharges

    UK mobile firm T-Mobile apologized for an error that saw thousands of customers charged for calls they did not make. This billing problem may have affected 4% of T-Mobile's customers, all of whom will be fully refunded. According to a recent BBC Mobile report T-Mobile says this occurred due to a "glitch in our billing systems". T-Mobile said the problem was down to a technical error. "Some T-Mobile customers wrongly received call forwarding charges when they used their voicemail," the firm said in a statement. "This problem has now been fixed. We'll be fully refunding every customer affected by this, a process which has already begun. We're really sorry and wholeheartedly apologise to any customers who have been affected by this issue," it added.

    FCC Uncovers Mystery Fees inside Verizon Wireless bills up to $90 Million in Refunds Expected

    Over 15 Million customers will get money back from Verizon!  This report seems farfetched, so we dug into the evidence.  Our story comes from two reliable sources, an October 3rd, 2010 Verizon Press Release, and an October 3rd, 2010 FCC Press Release.  The FCC broadcast "We can confirm reports of an FCC investigation into mystery fees that appeared on Verizon Wireless bills costing over 15 million Americans tens of millions of dollars. Reportedly, Verizon itself has put the amount of overcharges at more than fifty million dollars dating back two years." Michele Ellison, FCC Enforcement Bureau Chief, stated. Read More on Telecom News"..


    Your Company or Department may qualify for tax refunds from Federal and State telecom tax. Auditel can determine any amount of tax that was over collected by your Telecom Service Providers. Auditel will work to recover these and other telecom billing errors, taxes and surcharges your Company is entitled to.

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